District Recording Studio is the premier recording facility in the South Bay Area, located in the Midtown Neighborhood of San Jose, CA. Excellent engineers, a stock pile of legendary recording gear, and a huge, great sounding live room ensure sonic quality of the highest standard.  Over 20 years of combined professional audio experience was tapped to create the best possible environment for making and recording music. Every project and budget are individually considered. 

No project is ever too big or small.


Ryan at The Annex Studio A

Ryan at The Annex Studio A

Ryan Perras has been recording music for over a decade. Originally from the NYC area, he honed his chops working at some of the most renowned studios in the world including The Magic ShopHeadgear Recording, and The Annex. After moving to the Bay Area he worked as an engineer at The Annex for 5 years until it's closure in 2012. Deciding it was time to build his own studio he created District Recording in 2013. 

Being a musician himself, Ryan knows how a recording should feel and sound. He has put in extensive time playing/touring/recording, giving him the unique ability to put your ideas onto tape. Ryan has toured the world, most notably as the touring drummer for legendary punk band The Queers and leading his own band The Atom Age.

His time spent in studios has led him to record a huge variety of music. Some notable clients he has worked with include: Dan Andriano (of Alkaline Trio - engineer) The Queers (engineer/mix), Classics Of Love (Jesse Michaels of Op Ivy - engineer/mix), Omar Sosa (assistant), Bruce Lee Band (engineer), Mike Park (engineer/mix/mastering), Early Man (assistant), The Atom Age (engineer, mix), Hard Girls (engineer/mix) and many, many, many more.