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Howdy, I'm Ryan Perras and I run District Recording here in San Jose, California.

I've lent my skills engineering, mixing, mastering and occasionally producing to hundreds of projects. You can find a small selection of my work here.

I believe analog equipment is unmatched in quality and I go to great lengths to shower every recording in as much analog glory as possible. I track/mix on a Neve console and use a Studer 827 + ATR 102 for tracking and mix down/mastering.

My ever present goal is to honor the aesthetics of the song/artist to the fullest, hoping to create something that will remain true to the intention of the project for years to come.


The studio underwent a massive renovation in 2023 with the goal of creating a classic recording space inspired by legendary studios of the 50s and 60s. We believe that the recording room is one of the most critical aspects of any recording, and is only surpassed in importance by the engineers ears. The revamped live room has a distinct timeless character that will make a fantastic mark on anything recorded here.


During the renovation the control room was expanded to twice it's original size, allowing for full views into the live room as well as the small iso booth. Acoustics were painstakingly improved to ensure accurate monitoring and translation. It's a breeze to work in here.

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