District Recording Studio

District Recording Studio is the premier recording facility in the South Bay Area, located in the Midtown Neighborhood of San Jose, CA. No project too big or small.

CONSOLE: Trident Fleximix  24 Channel 

MULTI TRACK: MCI JH-24 - 2" 24 track analog tape recorder

DAW: Pro Tools 12 w/Antelope Audio Orion 32 i/o 

MONITORS: Genelic 1032 (pair) Yamaha HS50m (Pair)



Trident Fleximix (24 Channels - Same circuit used in Trident 80 series console w/Zutt Input Transformers)

TNC ACMP73 w/EQ (Neve Style w/mods) (2)

TNC ACMP81 w/EQ (Neve Style w/mods) (2)

Hairball Audio Copper (2)

Altec 1567a

Joe Meek Six Q 

Trident MTA w/EQ (Stereo)



PCB Grinder Pultec Style MEQ Tube Equaliser (Stereo)

Sound Skulptor STS (Analog Stereo Tape Simulator)



Empirical Labs Distressor (2)

Hairball 1176 Rev A

Hairball 1176 Rev D

Dbx 160x (2)

GSSL Stereo Buss Compressor (Stereo)

JBL 7112 + 7110 

Level Loc 

RNC 1773 (Stereo)



Large Diaphram:

Neumann M147 Tube 

AKG 414 (4)

Audio-Technica 4033 S (2)

Small Diaphram:

AKG 451 (4)

Earthworks SR69

Josephen C42 (pair)


Coles 4038 (pair)

Royer 121 (pair)

Beyer M500 (2)


AKG D112


Shure SM7 (2)

Electro Voice RE-20

Beyer M201 (2)

Beyer M380 

Shure Sm57 (4)

Telefunken MD19



Echoplex Tube Tape Echo

Lexicon PCM42

Delta Labs Effectron